Flood Risk

Our experts offer guidance on flood risks, flood risk mitigation, resilience and resistance

The need for a Flood Risk Assessment is currently a planning requirement under the NPPF. We have considerable experience in supporting our clients on how best to manage flood risk from the conception stage through to construction.

We are able to guide you through the process to protect your project. We do so by ensuring we meet your needs while satisfying the criteria of the Environment Agency.

How we can assist your project:

  • Initial guidance on flood susceptibility and feasibility assessments
  • Evaluating fluvial and coastal flood risk
  • Drawing up flood risk assessments, including integrating sustainable urban drainage systems to support planning applications
  • Preparing exception tests and supporting sequential testing
  • Establishing level for flood compensation measures
  • Support for environmental impact assessments
  • Design of flood protection schemes
  • Providing strategic advice and guidance to Internal Drainage Boards (IDBs)