Sustainable Drainage Systems

We help you understand existing drainage systems and create SuDS for new developments

New developments and their environs should be protected from surface water flood risks – making efficient drainage an essential requirement. There is a need to understand the existing drainage regime and to mimic this for new developments. Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) help manage flow rates and run-off volumes while improving bio-diversity by helping to reduce risk of flooding and pollution.

We start by helping you plan a SuDS that will manage surface water run-off in the most sustainable and cost-effective way. You can be sure that our plan will also comply with national policy and enhance biodiversity.

How we can assist your project:

  • Design of swales, retention and detention ponds and porous car parking
  • Sustainable schemes and preliminary design
  • Public consultation and public exhibitions
  • Provision of expert witnesses for appeals and the public inquiry process
  • Liaison and negotiations with statutory undertakers and key stakeholders (including the Environment Agency and lead local flood authorities)
  • Advice on waste water disposal, including capacity assessments as well as preliminary and detailed design