Motion transport planning Hertfordshire

Fresh choice for Herts home buyers

A new residential development in Hemel Hempstead will soon offer contemporary homes in the town, providing much-needed accommodation for local people.  Detailed planning consent has been granted for 26 apartments to be built on an unused supermarket overflow car park.  The neglected site will be repurposed, adding to local sustainability and injecting a fresh identity
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Muse development at Stoke Wharf Slough

Waterside scheme breathes new life into Berkshire town

A neglected area of Slough will soon be transformed into a vibrant community for new residents and visitors, with active travel at the heart of its design.  Stoke Wharf will deliver a waterside development of homes, restaurants and open spaces for retail and leisure opportunities, making full use of a revitalised basin on the Grand
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Motion transport planning for ice rink in Bracknell

Goal for elite ice sports

An ice rink recently opened its doors in Bracknell following planning consent in early 2021.  The facility will focus its offering on figure skating and elite ice hockey training for small groups, or games for up to eight players per match.  Local parking standards were tested in the project, in which Motion had to quickly
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South Nutfield planning appeal

Cycle incentives appeal to inspector

Opportunities to contribute to the sustainability of a development may vary from urban to rural areas.  Sustainability can also mean different things within different local plans.  Development in rural areas can often be a means through which the viability of local services and amenities can be sustained and strengthened.  In the following appeal, a package
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